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My name is Nitisia Khanh Gonzalez, Master Barber and owner of NKG Barbershop. I have had a passion for cutting hair since I was 14, where I began practicing on my father and friends, and continue to cut their hair to this day. This passion took me to WCTC, where I became a Master Barber in 2016 and currently do artist guest teaching engagements to teach new barber students. My dream was to own a barbershop and in 2018 my husband and I purchased the commercial property that became the home of NKG. I truly enjoy the traditional feel of a Barbershop, and love creating that experience for my clients, making each one walk out feeling like a new person. I specialize in fades, tapers, scissor work, hot towel, and straight razor shaves. I look forward to being part of the West Allis community and bringing the traditional feel, in a relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy and experience.

Follow me on instagram @nkgonzalez12

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